Friday, March 31, 2006

Number Five in You Write On's Top Ten

Some positive news today - the opening chapters of "A Dangerous Man" have made it to number 5 in the You Write On ( website Top Ten. And my most recent review there was very encouraging too. It's nice when good things happen - hell, it makes all the difference to what can be a very bleak and discouraging business.

Visited Jennifer of Goldenford Publishers ( today to help her with styles training for her novels. Am looking forward to seeing her "The Gawain Quest" in print later in the year. It's a great novel.

This afternoon, managed to get another 1000 words of "The Gifting" under my belt - it felt easier today. On Simon's mountain journey, I added in more confrontation with his rescuers and foreshadowing of tension to come. Not sure exactly what that tension might result in yet, but for me that's often the case. It'll come when it does. Also prepared to send my monthly poetry submission off tomorrow - this time, I'll try Ambit magazine - the Poetry Magazine site ( is a vital reference tool, as ever. I hope Ambit will at least be more pleasant than the wretched (damn him) 10th Muse editor was. And bliss, another nap. Where would I be without my late afternoon snooze?

Tonight, it's TV comedy night, thank goodness. How I love Fridays.

Anne Brooke

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