Monday, March 13, 2006

Lazy Day

A week's holiday stretches ahead. Bliss. Had arranged for a friend to pop round for coffee at 10, but her son is unwell, so we've rearranged for next Monday, when I have a day in lieu. Instead, I did another 500 words of "The Gifting" - still haven't quite got Simon to the mountain yet! Then I watched the film, "Priest", which I ordered last week and which, surprisingly I've never seen. I thought it was actually very good - interesting focus on religion vs humanity, faith vs love, and the sex scenes were great (always the icing on the cake!). Didn't like the over-melodramatic ending though - the content there was marvellous, but I think they should have cut the music.

A nap this afternoon, and then I've started a story on road rage for one of the Writers' News ( competitions. No title yet, and I haven't got very far with the text either, but there's always tomorrow.

Lord H is shopping tonight, so will be late home. And later there's another episode of "Dalziel and Pascoe". Please let it not be yet another story of Dalziel falling for an unsuitable woman while poor Pascoe does the actual detecting. And less over-the-top emoting than last week, please! It's in danger of turning into a cross between "EastEnders" and "Morse." Lord help us.

Anne Brooke

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