Saturday, March 11, 2006

Clarins Facial Day

Bliss. How I love Clarins facial days. Can't imagine life without them. Today was an age-defying day, so hopefully I will look like a twenty-one year old for the next week or so. Or possibly two twenty-one year olds. Did some mad shopping before my precious Clarins moment, and bought a pair of white glittery bedsocks and an utterly gorgeous fluffy pink-and-white striped dressing gown (thanks goodness for Per Una at M&S), one fine-meshed sieve and two tupperware containers. That's going to be a grand night out.

After my chilled-out facial, went to the Harvey Gallery in Guildford to see an exhibition in which a friend of mine, Jo Baker from UniS, has several of her paintings included. I love her work - her still life paintings have a kind of vibrant peace all of their own, and today there was also one nude which I also particularly liked. But, goodness, I had trouble finding the wretched gallery - even though I've been before. The fluffy pink dressing gown must have been bringing out my girly side, as I had to ring Lord H (at home, still sick) for directions. When I arrived, I had so many bags, the meet-and-greet lady thought I was bringing stuff for the next exhibition. She too was particularly taken with the dressing gown but I managed to get away still with it afterwards.

This afternoon, Lord H put the finishing touches to my "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" cover and burnt it onto CD. I shall post it to Antony Rowe ( on Monday, and Jackie from Goldenford ( will send the text later in the week. Being almost there is so satisfying.

A long nap later in the afternoon, and then up and out for tonight's Guildford Choral Society concert. They're singing Bach's St John Passion, which should be good. Lord H has decided not to go, and is very upset at having to miss it. Will come home straight afterwards, rather than going to the post-concert party (which we always seem to be invited to, as friends of a number of people who sing in the choir).

Anne Brooke

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