Friday, March 17, 2006

One-to-One with Carole Hayman

A drive down to Brighton this morning and a very helpful and encouraging session with Carole Hayman (Ladies of Letters fame) on my "Life" piece for Southern Counties Radio. I was amazed I managed to navigate through Brighton, let alone find a suitable place to park. I'm not at my best in strange places. She was very friendly and I've been inspired to rewrite the whole piece in a much more personal, surreal and intimate style. Have managed to keep the humour as well - I hope. The rewriting took me all afternoon, and I've now emailed it for comment to the Guildford Writers ( group. A thoroughly productive and inspirational day - so a big thank you to Carole.

Goldenford Publishers ( are just finalising the text of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" before sending it to print. As far as I can see, the only issue is - as it has been for us before - the placing of the page numbers. I hope there's a way round that somehow - I'm relying on Jackie's technical expertise. As ever. It's a mystery to me.

Could do with an evening in, just chilling, but it's out for dinner with friends from church. Oh, all that glorious TV I'm missing (shame on me)! It'll be nice, I'm sure, but I hope it's not all religion talk. I really go blank after five minutes of God/church discussions. Much like religious art, which I dislike; if you've seen one Madonna and Child, you've probably seen them all. Hush my mouth and call me Herod.

Anne Brooke

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