Thursday, March 02, 2006

Goldenford Meeting with Farnham Maltings

A morning spent doing more to "The Gifting". By the end of the afternoon I'd done another 2000 words which felt good. Took a while to get going though, but then again it always does for me. Have decided to concentrate more on the journey of the novel and the depths of what is happening to the characters as they go through it, rather than catering to that desperate drive to get it finished and done. I think it will improve the writing and make the end editing that bit easier. I hope ...

Some of my Nutrigold ( goods arrived today - goodness they're fast! - magnesium tablets, linseed oil and flax seeds. Have started the regime of taking them immediately - will have to get into that new routine and see if it helps as soon as possible. A part of me is looking forward to it - anything that will help me feel more balanced is good news as far as I'm concerned. The man who delivered them wasn't terribly nice though - complained about our doorbell. Well, I'm not changing it for him! He found his way to us in the end, so I don't know what his problem was. If he's rude next time, I shall be ruder. Believe me, I can be.

In the afternoon, Irene and I had a Goldenford ( meeting with Farnham Maltings to see if they'd be happy for us to have some part in their upcoming Festival of Words on 29 April. They seemed keen, which was great, and will sort out the details soon and let us know. Some of their ideas are very interesting. They're also planning a Children's Festival of Words in 2007, but nobody in Goldenford writes for children. I did suggest they contact Gill James ( - a wonderful children's writer - so I hope they follow up on that.

Back home, a very rude email from 10th Muse magazine, rejecting all of the poems I'd sent the editor - possibly all of my poetry ever, since the beginning of time, from the tone of the email. So that's one outlet I won't be bothering with again and, no, I'm not going to give a web address. Why help him? It's not the rejections I mind (Lord knows I've had enough - along with, thankfully, some very pleasing acceptances), so much as his condescending, "holier than thou" attitude. There's no need for it. It's certainly not professional, and doesn't give poetry editors a good name. Thank goodness for real outfits like Envoi and Tears in the Fence, both of whose editors have, in my experience, been unfailingly polite and helpful!

Have just finished Lionel Shriver's "We need to talk about Kevin" - slow start but apart from that absolutely wonderful! I loved Kevin - great character, and those odd flashes of dark humour are great. I would definitely love a sequel - the ongoing exploits of Kevin. I'd buy it!

Tonight, Lord H and I are out to Woking Theatre to see "Private Lives." Good. I could do with some light relief.

Anne Brooke

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