Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sick day

My cold has developed and I don't feel so good, so a day off today. Even though I'm unwell, I never seem able to avoid the guilt. Am taking as many Lemsips & Sinutab as possible. One good thing though - I didn't have to be up during the night with it, so it's better than it normally is.

Spent the morning staring at the TV and catching up on website reading/reviewing for Bewrite (, Writewords (, UK Authors ( and the You Write On ( site. It's about all my brain can cope with right now. There's some great stuff up there though. I was particularly pleased because my reviewing task for You Write On was a novel by David Caldo, an author I know, who also runs the useful Writers Promote ( site. I really enjoyed his opening chapters.

In the afternoon, I watched "My Beautiful Laundrette", which seemed much sharper than I remember it being. Certainly classy stuff. This evening, we were supposed to be going to the ballet - Edward Scissorhands at Woking - but I'm honestly not up to it, or anything much. It's a shame, as I was really looking forward to that. I told Lord H that he should go on his own, but I think he preferred a night in.

Oh, and some good news - our Glyndebourne tickets have finally arrived. Hurrah! We're seeing three operas later on in the season. Always great to have something to look forward to.

Anne Brooke

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