Friday, March 10, 2006

Haircut Day

Rushed round Farnham this morning, collecting mother's (or is that: mothers'?) day cards, soap and the local paper, and depositing parcels as I went. Then back home for a much-needed haircut. How I love that post-haircut "hey-I-look-stylish" moment. Shame it's wasted as soon as I wash my hair.

Completed the end pages of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" and sent the final version back to Jackie in Goldenford ( so we can check the spine width. Goodness, that's the only thing left to do now - then we can send the darn thing to print. Hurrah!

Did 1,500 words of "The Gifting" - I just need to get Simon to the first of his trials (earth), but he's not quite there yet. Bless. I'd like some description of the journey they need to make before they get there, and I need to be fresher to do that. Might have another go over the weekend, but I am seeing the week off ahead as a time for some much needed relaxation, rather than writing myself into the ground.

As per my Lent promise, I made mini chocolate muffins this afternoon. It was fine until I got to the part about melting chocolate for the topping. Have discovered it's almost impossible to do if you have no glass bowl. I ended up hovering the pan over the ring and hoping for the best. Hmm. Not a great success. Burnt chocolate drops 'r' us. But the glace cherries do appear - somehow - to be staying on. Oh well, I'm sure it'll taste the same. And Lord H won't complain.

Lots of discussion on the Writewords ( forums today about self-publishing (general opinion - it and small publishing is the way forward for a lot of very good writers now) and the tendency of the big guys to publish any old tat. My feeling is: watch it, you big publishers: the real writers are a-coming. And how.

Anne Brooke

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