Monday, March 06, 2006

Personal Development Training: the Final Part

Managed to get the Childcare minutes done, checked and out all in the course of this morning, so that's a weight off my mind. Walked round campus at lunchtime and admired the snowdrops by the lake. They're certainly lasting a long time this year, and still no sign of daffodils. Reminded the university writers' group about the meeting in a couple of weeks' time, and had some interesting conversations about rewriting and how to get started on something with two of the members. It makes it all worthwhile.

This afternoon was taken up with the final part of our team/personal development training sessions. This time we were looking at the "self", and it certainly brought up a few things for me. Things which I knew about, but it was helpful to look at it in a different context. We had a fascinating discussion about levels of reality and how to be oneself, whatever that self may be. I'd like to take it further on a personal level, I think - once I'm back after my week off next week, I might well screw my courage to the sticking place and book a chat with the staff counsellor. It can do no harm.

Shopping this evening, so late home. Circle Magazine have decided against my set of poems (then again, what do you expect from a publication that sounds like a women's magazine, I ask - bitterly?!...), but Jenny at the JBWB Bureau ( enjoyed the third chapter of "Thorn in the Flesh", which I have now corrected along the lines of her advice. So it's swings and roundabouts indeed.

The first episode of the new "Dalziel and Pascoe" tonight, followed by "Have I got old news for you", so that's my evening sorted. Sad person that I am.

Anne Brooke

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