Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BBC Southern Counties Radio Shortlisting

A fairly quiet day at work. Booked an appointment with one of the staff counsellors for the end of March, and a reflexology appointment for the beginning of April. I am going to be so chilled - I hope. A new woman approaches ...! Also attended the lunchtime concert which this time was hosting the Gemini Ensemble - UniS' ensemble-in-residence. They're good, but the music is rather too modern for my liking. Still, some of it reminded me of Janacek, which was nice.

Had some good news on the competition front - I've been shortlisted - along with 3 others from Guildford Writers ( - for the BBC Southern Counties Radio "Life" competition. I get a one-to-one with Carole Hayman (of "Ladies of Letters" fame) next Friday in Brighton to improve the piece, and I then have to resubmit for recording and possible prizes. That's certainly cheered me up. My first radio submission and a 100% success rate. Praise be, as Thora Hird would have said! Maybe I'd better quit while I'm ahead ...

And, in addition, there appears to have been some interest from a German publisher at the London Book Fair in "Maloney's Law" - so John ( is rushing them a copy. We'll have to wait and see. We live in hope indeed.

Now a glorious week-and-a-bit off lies ahead - I'm next at the University on Tuesday 21 March. Time for some serious relaxation.

Anne Brooke

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