Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Serious Business

Spent a large part of the day editing and adding to my gay short story for the Writers' News ( competition. I'm calling it "A Serious Business" and at last, by early afternoon, I was happy with it. Will post on the Writewords ( site in a week or so to get responses.

Then a quick lunch and out to see Gladys from church. Seemed quite lively, but still very frail. As ever, we set the world to rights. Mum rang to see how Lord H is - answer: improving but still not quite there. I told her when the launch event for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" is likely to be - either 20, 21 or 22 June, with a publication date of 19 June - but unfortunately she'll be on holiday. Still, that's the way it falls sometimes, and at least I can be sure she'll buy a copy.

Updated the Goldenford ( website with author links (including mine), and also made a start on the minutes of last night's meeting. Hope to finish them later, or tomorrow. Also started on a draft launch invite - to include my book and also Jackie's - "A Bottle of Plonk." Alcoholic theme there, for sure!

Bad news when I got home - Tonto Press have rejected "A Dangerous Man". Narrow-minded buggers. That's them off my favourites list. I've given up on ever hearing anything from Flame Books or LBF, so only 2 more publishers to go, and then I'll see if Goldenford might like to take it on next year or the even the year after, depending on schedules and other people's work. Otherwise I'll do it myself. I feel very strongly about "ADM" and I certainly don't want to abandon it. To my mind, it's too good for that.

Watched the last half of "Dalziel and Pascoe" this evening - good story, but please, please can't they cut the end melodrama. We don't need it and it's embarrassing to watch. Glad the woman got away with it though - she deserved it.

Anne Brooke

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