Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Touch for Health Day

A day in lieu (joyful though it does mean I have to work Friday). An early start however, as I had my first Touch for Health appointment ( in Petersfield at 8.45am. Managed to find the right carpark, when I expected it to be far more tricky. I'm not at my best with strange places, or journeys. The session was very good and the practitioner was absolutely marvellous, and very easy indeed to talk to. We focused on nutrition this time, and I now have a list of changes to add in and things to think about, as well as a website to get items from ( My main aim is more oils and magnesium, and less coffee and salt. I'll see how it goes over the next month, and have made another appointment for the end of March.

On my way home, popped in to see an elderly friend from church, and chatted about poetry and the weather. And cats. Back home, I did another thousand words of "The Gifting" and got myself to the end of a chapter which was nice. For the first time ever, I'm working with a synopsis (whereas usually I write them after I've finished), and actually it's not so bad. It's a broad sweep of where I'm going, rather than a detailed analysis of plot etc, so there's still plenty of freedom in what I write.

Am also thinking about words and the way Lord H & I use them (or not) in different ways - no writing done there. It's still festering right now.

Time off this evening, and Lord H is cooking. And still some pancakes left over from yesterday. Wonderful! Think I might watch the video of "Gideon's Daughter" which I have left over from the weekend.

Anne Brooke

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