Friday, March 24, 2006

Lunch in South Harrow

Spent the morning finalising and sending off my edited entry to the "Life" competition for BBC Southern Counties Radio. This five-minute piece should be broadcast sometime over the summer, and I get paid. Goodness, that will be nice. Also did more work on "The Gifting", and by the end of the day had written another 2000 words. I was getting quite emotionally involved in it too, which I think always helps the clarity. And some overdramatisation is bound to creep in - but I can cut that on the edit, as I can never tell till later.

Lunch with a friend in South Harrow. It's good to have one-to-one chats. I much prefer this to the group stuff we tend to do, as I can be more honest without having to play to the gallery. Good to see Jane again too.

Shopped briefly this afternoon in rainy Godalming, and then back home for solid work on "The Gifting". Whoever said writing had glamour? Hard slog and those wonderful moments of connected joy make up my day.

An evening in. Bliss. By the way, last night's "O Go My Man" was rubbish - badly conceived, badly written and badly acted. There's a hint of a play in there somewhere, but it's hard to find. Way too bitty. In spite of the glowing review in today's "Surrey Advertiser." What on earth is their drama critic on? Or maybe she saw an entirely different play. Ho hum.

Anne Brooke

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