Saturday, March 25, 2006

Coffee Cake

Baked a coffee cake this morning - an ongoing part of my Lenten obligations, and hey it worked. Very light and tasty. Lord H was over the moon. I had a slight moment of panic when I added the flour first instead of the sugar, but managed to overcome the crisis, and the results are great. I might get used to this. Hmm. Maybe I should buy an apron?

Had a wonderful two hour nap this afternoon, catching up on the week's lost sleep, and then wrote a poem as part of the UniSWriters' homework from last week. Decided to use one of our UniS artists, Jo Baker, as my picture inspiration, so the poem has the same title as her piece - "Still Life by Jo Baker". As she also attends UniSWriters, I hope she likes it. Have posted it onto the Writewords ( site for comment, and also sent it to UK Authors ( for online publication for Monday.

On the advice of the Bewrite site people (, I decided to have another go at the PR Link Tiles site ( and managed to set up three tiles - a personal one, a blog one and a prose one for my first novel, "The Hit List". If it works out, I'll probably set up another for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" when it comes out in June. We'll see.

Tonight, Lord H and I are out at the pub for dinner, and hope to be back in time for "New Tricks" on TV. Lovely.

Anne Brooke

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