Saturday, April 01, 2006

Number One in You Write On Top Ten

Goodness me, "A Dangerous Man" is now Number One in the You Write On ( site's Top Ten. And it's not even an April Fool - I hope. A real boost for what appears to be my unsellable (amongst the other commercially unsellable ones, of course ...) novel. And lovely to hear the news today, when I'm feeling so ill I've cancelled everything over the weekend that means I might have to leave the house. Damn it.

So no writing or anything much done today. Slept, then watched the BBC2 version of "The Marriage of Figaro" while reclining on my sofa of sickness. One of my favourite operas. Marvellous. I love the closing piece by the Countess when the music's phraseology and her forgiveness sweeps all the deceit and confusion away. A magical moment. Wish I could write books the way Mozart wrote music.

Have also finished James Baldwin's "Go Tell It on the Mountain". A powerful book about religion and the desire to be free. It sweeps you along with the passion of it all. At the end, I felt drained, but inspired.

Anne Brooke

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