Friday, April 28, 2006

Lunch with Ali

Finished off my ghost story for Writers' News ( today, and actually feel quite pleased with it. Have uploaded it onto the Writewords ( site for comment, so I'll see what people say.

Lunch with Ali at Wisley - lovely to see her and catch up with the news. We all seem to have had difficult years last year (must have been something in the ether), but at least things are looking up for both of us this year. She's able to come to the Goldenford ( launch on 22 June, so am pleased about that. Afterwards, I did a little bit of work on "The Gifting" - Simon is still on the mountain and struggling hard. I should have done more, and I feel rather guilty at not doing more, but it was a struggle for the writer too today, as well as for my main character. That's the way it falls sometimes.

Rushed around town shopping and - thank goodness - have restocked my rapidly depleting book supply. I was starting to get twitchy about it. I hate it when my reading pile is down to two books - there's an empty space after the last book and I have no idea how to fill it.

Have also printed out and prepared marketing materials for the Goldenford table at tomorrow's Arts Festival in Farnham. Hope we manage to sell some of our books. I've included leaflets/info for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" too, even though it's not out yet. Marketing can never start too soon indeed. Irene, Jackie and I will be reading from our work in the 6-8pm open mic slot, so I hope that's not too frightening. Reading aloud, for me, is much like going to the dentist. The waiting is hell, but - usually - it's okay when it's happening. One hopes.

Tonight, it's slob out night in front of the TV, and I'm looking forward to wine and pizza. And ice cream. Bliss.

Anne Brooke

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