Sunday, April 30, 2006

Marian's retirement party

This morning, Lord H represented us at church in our sister church, and I got down to some character sketches for "The Gifting" - which I usually do about one-third of the way through a novel, and that's where I am right now with this one - and some actual writing. It was great to get down to it again after a while away, and I've some ideas for other key scenes, which is something of a relief.

Had a much needed nap this afternoon, and then went for cocktails and canapes for Marian's retirement do. Felt very brave going up to people and starting conversations, as I'm usually an utter coward at that sort of thing - but it wasn't too bad. Marian's friends and family are lovely, and we had some good conversations. It seems that Marian has been spreading the word about me being published this year - which is very sweet of her indeed! - so people were actually talking to me about it. That was weird - but, hey, nice for the ego! I'm only human ...

There've been some very positive comments about my ghost story on the Writewords ( site, so I feel better about that now. Also some tips for improving it, which I'll get on with as soon as I can.

Tonight, it's "Invasion" and "Mayo", and - joy! - bank holiday tomorrow. Thank goodness for May.

And today's haiku is:

Farnham Maltings Fete:
I rummage the stalls,
searching for mother-of-pearl.
I'm a girl today.

Anne Brooke

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