Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lunch with Robin

Ooh, skipped a day, as there was no time to write up my blog yesterday. But yesterday was a mainly tense day, filled only with the centering zone of counselling with Zoe, and also the exhausting but nice-to-do night out in London with the Durham gals. Which meant wine plus Italian food and chat. And, joy of joys, I made - just! - the 9.45 train home, so I am indeed a young fogie. Officially.

Anyway, today, did a barrel-load of marketing of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice", and sent out the launch invites for 22 June for Goldenford ( Also entered the Mslexia ( flash fiction competition, and did my entries for the Annual Writers' Conference in Winchester ( Managed also to get a Writers' News ( ghost story started, and prepared some PR stuff for our Goldenford table on Saturday at the Farnham Arts Festival. Never say I am not industrious on my "days off".

Then I had lunch with Robin - lovely to see her again - we managed to set the world to rights and down a couple of baguettes to boot. On my way home, I popped in to see Gladys from church, and then came home to plough through my emails. I have some acceptances for the June launch - hurrah! - so it won't just be me and Lord H, and the Goldenford gang. That's a relief.

Tonight, Lord H and I are at the theatre in Woking, to see an Agatha Christie play. Of all things. Can't imagine why I booked that. Still, it may yet be better than I expect. You never can tell.

Anne Brooke

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