Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Gawain Quest Part Two

A morning spent marketing and writing up the Goldenford ( minutes. There's not much time now until the joint "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice"/"A Bottle of Plonk" launch on 22 June, so I need to work out the invites before the beginning of May. I'm hoping Lord H might be able to help - again - as I can't work out how to place the clipart needed onto the invite without the whole thing going haywire. So much for my expertise in Word ...

Also finished editing "The Gawain Quest" for Goldenford, and have sent it back to Jennifer for her action. It's hard work, but the novel is very good, so I'm looking forward to it being published in the autumn. There have also been some very positive comments on my posting of "The Gifting" on the Writewords ( site, and some helpful suggestions which I've done my best to implement.

Have just finished Roger Morris' (also of Writewords) first novel, "Taking Comfort". It's astonishingly good - very powerful and sparse, and reminds me very much of Murakami. I've given it a 5 star rating on Amazon, so I hope they actually showcase my comments this time - sometimes they don't. Also feel noble as MacMillan New Writing (which published "TC") were one of those which turned down "A Dangerous Man" after much deliberation apparently - still, can afford to feel noble now, as Flame Books ( are publishing it instead. So much for my good nature indeed.

Had some weird dreams last night - I was trapped in London trying to walk to a show I was supposed to be seeing without knowing the way. Hmm, sounds much like my normal life to me. Ho hum. Still, tonight it's "Murder City" on TV, so that should cheer me up.

Anne Brooke

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