Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday

A holy cleaning day. Lord H and I have cleaned everything to excess, in case the good Lord should decide to visit. Even the outside stairs. We only clean seriously on high days and holidays, and Easter is surely one of those occasions. Had a bit of an incident with the Agnus Dei (ie the roast lamb we always have on Easter Sunday) - went out to buy a joint (meat, people, meat - please!) this morning, stared at the lamb section on the shelf, bought a beautiful lamb roast, but by the time I arrived home and unpacked my spoils, some miracle had taken place in the car and it had turned into pork. Hmm, not entirely suitable under the religious circumstances, but we will have to make the best of it. One shopping trip in a day is more than enough. I redeemed myself with Lord H, however, by buying dinosaur icecream and champagne - the way to a man's heart ... etc etc.

Golf with Marian and Siegi in the afternoon, followed by a gorgeous lunch at theirs. I played appallingly, but had one or two shots which made it okay to be alive. I even putted well once, which these days is saying something.

Decided to get on my high horse with my Durham friends, as I always arrange social events for them and yet it takes them centuries (in email terms) to respond, by which time the original dates for any get-together have long sinced passed. And, hell, if I can't be stroppy on Easter Saturday, when can I be? Sent a strong (yet sweet and generous, I'm sure ...) email but so far the only person who has responded is one of those who do at least reply. Deep and frustrated sigh. To be honest, I'd rather deal with my other sets of friends, who do appear to want to make the effort to get together. I'm starting to think I'm flogging a horse which should have long since been buried. In some cases anyway.

A quiet evening of video catch-up lies ahead. Joy.

Anne Brooke

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