Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Day at mother's. Lots of chatting and catch-up, together with huge meals and cake. Had a walk along Manningtree front in the afternoon to look at the swans (sans bird flu, we hope) in order to avoid the terrors of the Good Friday Holy Hour at church. Lord, what sinners we are. Something of a relief to have missed it this year, but I can't help the guilt twinges. Still, being me, I'm sure they'll pass. The long drive home on the A12 seems to last forever sometimes.

Lord H popped to church in the evening to sort out the rood screen candles, which we've just discovered we have. They'll look lovely once they're up, so we're hoping for a grand Easter display. Along with lots of chocolate of course.

A writing friend has asked for my comments on the start of his historical novel, so am happy to oblige as far as possible, depending on time constraints. I also have Jennifer of Goldenford's ( novel to edit, so I can see writing time is completely out of the question for the next few weeks. Still, editing is always enjoyable. Up to a point. If I miss writing for more than a few days, I tend to get twitchy.

Had a rather critical review of "A Dangerous Man" on the You Write On ( site, so am feeling low about that. No matter how long you do this job, criticism always feels like a personal attack. Still, as the novel's being published, it can't be all bad? Surely. How I hope someone out there will like it! And goodness, once again, how needy we writers are ...

Anne Brooke

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