Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Counselling session

Managed - somehow, as the new "book for this day only" NHS appointment system is rubbish - to get a doctor's appointment for this morning, and now have a low-steroid (hmm, not my favourite ...) nasal spray to use twice a day for the next couple of months. To be honest, I hope it does the trick as I'm getting to the point where I'll do anything to kick my catarrh problem into touch. I hope I don't have to be on it forever, which is - apparently - a possibility. We'll see.

The rest of the working day was a catch-up day, as I'm next in on 24th April, and I'm now very up-to-date, which is a relief. Had a really excellent counselling session with Zoe over lunchtime - I talked about writing and what it means to me. She's great at getting me to go deeper and really see what counts. That, after all, is what I've started these sessions for and it's working. Thank the Lord. I feel that my writing - and therefore me, or is that I? - doesn't fit anywhere obvious; there's no "genre" or group that welcomes either of us with open arms, but maybe I just have to learn to be happy with that. Not being part of the wider market - in any sense of the word - is after all where I'm most myself. Food for thought certainly.

Tonight it's packing for holiday with Lord H in Belfast, and then the universities' conference, also in Belfast, which will last till next Wednesday, so this will be my last blog entry till then. I'll take my usual notebook though, and scribble down thoughts each day as they occur. I always find that helpful to do when on holiday; I think it keeps me grounded.

Anne Brooke

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