Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday

A lie-in, exhausted by the demands of life and chocolate-eating. Goodness, it's a hard life indeed, but somebody has to do it ...

Lord H visited the church bier house (it's good for a man to have a hobby) and retreived more rood-screen candle items to add to the current findings. The bases are a lovely gold colour when scrubbed up with a toothbrush. Hope he's not using mine. Researched some competitions to enter over the next months, courtesy of Mslexia ( magazine. Also, to my delight, discovered that I appear - if only amongst the letters/notes sections - in the Poetry Society ( newsletter. A first step, one hopes. Hmm ... Then in the afternoon a joint trip to the Lions Show. Admired the donkey derby, the motorcyclist display team, the vintage cars and the various stalls. Won a CD in the tombola - my luck must be in today!

Started Roger Morris' first novel, "Taking Comfort", and am enjoying it so far. He's a member of the Writewords ( site, so it's nice to read a work by someone I know - if only on a virtual basis. It's nice to think I'll be joining him in the field of Writewords authors later this year.

A post-show nap, followed by a leisurely dinner and "New Tricks" on TV. Thank goodness that's back - real class.

Anne Brooke

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