Friday, April 21, 2006

Clarins Facial

A trip to Farnham this morning to pick up the volunteers pack for next Saturday's day at Farnham Maltings - Goldenford ( are setting up a stall for our books as part of FM's arts festival day, and Irene, Jackie and I are also doing a reading of our books in the evening in the Open Mic session. The t-shirt we have to wear is a wonderful shade of orange - it will go so well with my hair, not.

Did my weekly reading of the current offerings on the Bewrite (, Writewords ( and UK Authors ( sites, and also printed off an extract from the You Write On ( site for reading and marking up later. A short nap, then into Guildford for a much-needed Clarins facial. What would I do without them - it's nice, always, to indulge on a regular basis. Also wrote a haibun (mixture of haiku and intense prose) for the Winchester Writers' Conference ( haibun competition. Hope to upload that onto the Writewords site for comment soon.

Tonight, it's TV comedy night, and I really must do some cleaning. Hope very much to get back to "The Gifting" sometime - please! - but I do need to write a poem on rain and two short stories first for competitions. It's a good way of keeping my hand in with other genres and also, if I win or get placed/commended, keeping my name out there. Jay from Bewrite has also emailed me about a possible library marketing opportunity for our gay novels in Lewisham, so will try to find out more about that soonest. Never say this life is dull. But how I'm looking forward to that first glass of wine tonight!

Anne Brooke

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