Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Church extravaganza today. Got the best silverware out and lit all the candles going (but not the nave ones, as they're too much effort). The rood screen candles and revamped angel candles looked particularly snazzy. Thanks entirely to Lord H's efforts and skill. After the hullaballoo, thank the Lord that the church warden remembered to shower us all with chocolate eggs - it makes it all worthwhile somehow.

After church, Lord H and I visited Petworth House (National Trust), which would have been fine except that I got my car stuck in the mud. So I wondered round the Turners and other great art moments worrying myself to a frazzle about how on earth we were going to get home. Thankfully, when push came to shove (sorry, but it was like that ...), a passing Good Samaritan put his shoulder to the wheel along with Lord H and we managed to get free. Phew.

A late, post-lunch lazy afternoon beckons. I now have two Goldenford ( novels to edit, both part of Jennifer Margrave's historical. Of course they'll all be great, but the prospect of doing any of my own writing for a while gets increasingly distant. Sigh. I'll start them next week. But at least tonight there's "Mayo" and "Invasion" to ease the pain. TV heaven indeed.

And today's (very semi-) haiku is:

After a day with mother
the Dartford bridge sails us back to Surrey;
I'm grown up again.

Anne Brooke

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