Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chocolate cake & hair cut

Hair cut day today, so at least I'll look reasonable when I meet Jane in London later this afternoon for a trip round the Tate Britain Gothic exhibition, chat and food. Wrote a piece of flash fiction about vegetables for Mslexia ( Is it me, or are the themes getting stranger? Will upload it onto Writewords ( over the next few days and see what the comments are. Also uploaded my haibun on there earlier on, but no responses as yet. Still, it's a weekend. Or perhaps the piece is just incomprehensible? You never can tell.

Made a chocolate cake, which we'll have a slice of for lunch pre-London. So Lord H is smiling upon me today - as ever of course!

Have decided not to enter the short story competition involving a foster parent which Writers' News ( have set, as I don't like children anyway. So why bother? Will just have a go at the summer ghost story instead. Think I'll opt for comedy - it's the only way to handle the theme, at least for me!

Anne Brooke

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