Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lent 5

Day in today, recuperating. So no church, which is a relief as it should have been one of our 8am services. Hell, I needed the lie-in. So far have spent most of the day either asleep, reading or staring at the TV. Sometimes I even switch it on. Technology is a marvellous thing. Suspect there'll be time to squeeze in another nap before bedtime, if I'm organised enough. At least I don't feel as bad as yesterday; humanity as returned, even if simply at the edges. And I've even eaten something - hurrah.

Lord H has done some flower photography to fill in time whilst invalid-sitting - one result being a beautiful close-up of a rich-pink rose. Lovely. Due to illness, no cake this week - and it was supposed to be chocolate. Haven't read my Bible since Wednesday either, so I'll have a lot of catching-up to do once I get back into the routine. Can't say the thought is filling me with much holy joy either.

Tonight's joy is "Invasion" and "Mayo". Perfect Sunday viewing.

And today's haiku is:

Over open drawers
my stockings step out boldly.
Today they're unworn.

(Not exactly Dryden, I know - but heck I'm not well. Make allowances!)

Anne Brooke

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