Monday, May 01, 2006

Bank Holiday Monday

Packed ready for my trip to Harrogate tomorrow to Thursday, so no more blog till then. I'll be attending the Writers' News ( awards ceremony on Wednesday with my mother and my aunt to claim my winnings for the journey poetry competition. So will be staying with my aunt in York during that time. I hope York is ready for the three mad northern women.

Had an email from my agent ( about "The Gifting" - he's keen to get more than Simon's viewpoint in order to get a balanced view of the world in which the novel is set. I understand that's the market trend but, to be frank, I don't do multiviewpoint novels. I only live in the main character's view, so that's where I'll stay. Sod the market - hell, what's it ever done for me? Besides, I hope I'll be giving a wider view of the world as Simon and his entourage travel through it anyway. So hopefully, John will be happy. And if not, well, that's the way I write best, so that's what I'll continue to do. Market or no market! Surely the poor author must have some say ... Also prepared my monthly submission to a poetry magazine - am having a go at the revitalised "Brando's Hat" this time. So expect either complete silence or a quick rejection from them over the next three months. I'm better at winning poetry competitions than actually getting the damn mags to take me. Fools!

Visited Disraeli's house in High Wycombe - Hughenden House - this afternoon. Beautiful grounds, but hell for parking. I actually found the house very moving - a grand facade, but with a plainer interior. Much like the man himself, one suspects. Also visited St Michael & All Angels church at the bottom of the grounds on the way out - simple, but they're obviously very lively, with lots of (interesting - and not evangelical, hurrah!) things going on. Would that St Peter's might do something similar one day.

Watched "Brokeback Mountain" on DVD early evening - very moving, of course, but nowhere near as good and astonishing as the book. And later, it'll be "New Tricks" - so a pleasant end to the bank holiday.

Anne Brooke

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