Sunday, May 14, 2006

Easter 5

Too tired to post my journal yesterday, as I spent all day in Guildford watching three Shakespeare Plays - "The Wars of the Roses" from Northern Broadsides Theatre - which was fantastic. Can thoroughly recommend it. It started with Henry VI - which was, I think, the best - and ended with Richard III. The use of music and drums to portray the various battles was particularly good and very dramatic. A wonderful day, marred only by Lord H being too ill to join me for the 3rd play in the evening - he's better now though.

And so to Sunday ... 8am church this morning, with a new and very sweet visiting priest - Ned Townshend. Good sermon too - about accepting ourselves and not needing to feel inadequate. Almost made me feel like praying again. Almost. He can come again, for sure.

Have spent most of the rest of the day catching up with TV and doing the cleaning. Lord H was well enough to serve at the Family Service, but I never go to that - I'm not needed as there's no communion, plus I don't like children and, hey, I've done my time today. One service a week is more than enough.

And tonight, it's "Invasion", and I'll record the Hannibal drama for later in the week. I can never resist an elephant.

And this week's haiku is:

Tonight, on stage, seeing
the performed prayers of others,
I long to pray again.

Anne Brooke

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