Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cake making day

A trip to the cathedral for Lord H to look at the library and for me to buy a dedication present for a work colleague's son. Feel quite pleased with my eventual choice. Back at the ranch, made chocolate fairy cakes - although each has only one wing as I couldn't be arsed to half them. We had some of them for lunch, and they weren't bad at all. Much to my surprise.

A long nap this afternoon, which was stunningly good. Sleep - my favourite hobby. Then uploaded a review for You Write On ( and requested, in turn, another review for "Thorn in the Flesh". There have been one or two positive comments for my poem on the Writewords site (, which has been a boost. In conversation with someone on Writewords, have decided that writing isn't about finishing up with a perfect book - not least because the author will never be perfect - but getting it as near as possible to where you are now and how you feel about things. At least that's how I think it is for me. It's self-discovery and the personal journey that count - the market can go hang.

Tonight, Lord H and I are out at a murder mystery evening - not sure whether it's a play, an event or something in between. No doubt, all will be revealed - one hopes.

Anne Brooke

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