Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Patricia's leaving day

One of my work colleagues - Patricia - left today to move down to the New Forest (lucky devil), so popped in for cakes and chat and to say goodbye. It's actually quite refreshing to go into work when you don't have to do anything. Though I did pick up my pay slip. Priorities, priorities. Patricia's just come back from a cruise holiday, during which someone died by falling overboard. Sounds like a classic Agatha Christie to me - very exciting indeed. My first thought was: fantastic plot! Which just goes to show all writers are heartless beasts. No great shocks there then.

Did more work on "The Gifting". Ralph's home is becoming more castle-like every day, so had to research castles on the Web. And medieval-style clothing. Not to mention class issues. This novel is definitely crystallising into a medieval-based fantasy - which at least means I can be vaguely accurate, but not anal about it. Thank the Lord. Tried not to get too bogged down though - I hate research. I'm much happier writing the bloody thing and then winging it later. As in life, so in writing indeed. It's fiction, people. Live with it.

A short nap this afternoon, and then a leisurely evening ahead. Yesterday, Lord H and I watched our "King Arthur" DVD. What a load of old tosh - although the two male leads were cute, which always makes it worthwhile. Still, I think they could have done a lot more with the whole society and relationships/friendships thing, rather than all those ruddy confusing battles. Just an opinion.

My editor ( has just emailed back the latest two chapters of "Thorn in the Flesh", including the extremely violent one. She likes it and thinks it needs to be there - which makes me feel very happy, as I was worried what she might say. She's a nice woman. Only ten more chapters for her to go through then.

And my agent ( will be going in for a minor operation over the Winchester Writers' Conference ( weekend at the end of June - nothing too drastic apparently, but it means I still won't actually have got to meet him yet. Am beginning to wonder if he only exists online! - though I have been promised lunch in July. Which would be nice ... actually I was originally promised lunch last August, but it never came to anything. Ho hum. Evidently, I will have to produce a real potboiler of a novel before I get to eat. Plus ca change then.

And the joy of tonight is I can change all my calendars over to June and have a fresh month ahead. Including the glorious gay men's Canadian rugby team calendar given to me by some close gay, non-Canadian friends. My favourite calendar of them all - leaves nothing to the imagination and does it with style and charm. Bliss!

Anne Brooke

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Hippy Writer said...

Like the sound of the calendar. Personally, I have a Hugh Jackman one on my desk at work and a Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) one on me wall at home. Have updated my blog and would like your opinion on a title.