Monday, May 22, 2006

Student Care Services Steering Group

Spent the morning catching up on last week's emails, then took the minutes for the steering group at lunchtime. This was made more horrific than usual as two of the papers in it were mine, so I had to present them. How I hate speaking in meetings. I was in a real panic beforehand and took two calming pills and a flower remedy spray. Thank goodness for herbs. Still, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared - partly because there were a few apologies, so there were fewer people there, thank the Lord. And the bliss when it's over is uncontainable. I rewarded myself with two mini muffins and a decaf. What a wild one I am indeed.

The afternoon was spent on the minutes, but didn't manage to finish them - which means I still have two sets of minutes lurking in the shadows, damn it. I do so love to get things finished. Shopping tonight, and then it's "New Tricks" later. Where would I be without comfort viewing? Not to mention the handy unfinished bottle of red from yesterday - hurrah!

Anne Brooke

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