Monday, May 15, 2006

Reflexology day

Haven't felt well today - a slight stomach upset, which has been rather annoying. But trogged my way through a day at work, as it wasn't bad enough to stay at home. Which meant I could get fairly up-to-date with my in-tray, and go to a glorious, relaxing hour of Reflexology over lunch. So relaxing that I almost drifted off.

Did battle with Cards Made Easy to get my parcel delivered once more - it's becoming something of a hobby now. Not one I enjoy. I asked them to ring the couriers this time as I can't be arsed. Besides, I'm the ruddy customer - so why the hell am I doing all the ringing? They eventually promised me delivery today - but of course nothing was here when I got back from work. Surprise, surprise. Will have to ring them again tomorrow - what a bloody nuisance, and what - in all honesty - a crap company they are. Both of them. In my opinion. Next time, I'll use a local firm - I'd rather pay the extra than have to go through this again. Ever.

Lord H and I are thinking of going up to the RSC in Stratford to see "Antony and Cleopatra" over the bank holiday, but the RSC site ( doesn't seem to have an online booking facility - at least not for me - so I'll have to try to ring. Deep sigh. I hate the phone.

And I've received an email which seems to want to commission me to write a short story - I've no idea what it's about, so have asked for more details. It all sounds most odd to me, but perhaps I'm simply a cynical old trout. Hmm, don't answer that. At least it's "New Tricks" on TV tonight, so I'll be with my people.

Anne Brooke

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