Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday 8 February 2006

Not too bad as a work day, though it was a night thick with dreams - can't remember much about them now though ... Had a meeting of the Student Care Services Committee over lunch time - loads to minute, but we got into some quite deep subjects. There's a strong feeling amongst different groups in the university that we really do need to focus on people's wellbeing - both staff and students - rather than just processes. I'm all for this, but it's not going to be simple; the university is a large and complex beast - in many ways!

Some good news on the writing front this evening - my poem, "King's Cross, Sundays, 1992-1993" won the DSJT "On Parting" poetry award and appears in this month's issue of "Writers' News" magazine - - along with a very kind and positive critique by judge, Alison Chisholm. In the same magazine, I've also been shortlisted for the Last Line short story competition, so a gratefully received double dose of good news indeed. Wish this would rub off on my novel submissions though ...

Also received the latest edition of fiction/poetry magazine, "Tears in the Fence" - will subscribe for another year, mainly because the prose is so good, though I'm not that keen on the poetry included in it, which seems somewhat beyond my understanding. I'd be happy if it was made into a pure prose magazine - surely there's a market for that in the UK!

Anne Brooke

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