Saturday, February 18, 2006

Poetry Publication Day

Good news today - three of my poems, "For Jean", Shadow Play" and "View", have just been published in Envoi magazine, so that's cheered me up! Looks good on the writing CV too ...

So bowled over by this astonishing news that I have done almost nothing all day. Lord H has been busy though - putting the corrections to my "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" cover that the Goldenford ( directors have requested. I have to say the updated version looks stunning - it now includes the back blurb and also a review comment from Marsha Rowe, the co-founder of "Spare Rib". Emailed the cover to the directors, one of whom replied saying it was "gorgeous". A quote good enough to eat indeed. Lord H is a genius. Naturally!

Afternoon spent dozing, and I am also about to do some more to "The Gifting", though don't have enough energy for more than fiddling about with it, I fear. Lord H and I have decided to eat out early tonight, at the local pub. Which will be our first trip out today - apart from my brief sortie to post a letter.

Enjoyed the Russian photography at Somerset House last night, by the way. Lots of nudity and drama. Just the sort of thing to cheer up a Friday night. Also, have just finished Harlan Coben's "Deal Breaker" - the usual easy-to-read page turner, and I do love the main character's black humour and dialogue. But I do wish Win could stop being such a "deus ex machina" - it's getting to be rather dull and obvious; each time MC is in trouble, there Win is to save the day. Groan!

Anne Brooke

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