Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Competitions Entry Day

Long, but bearable day at work. Did lots of website stuff and prepared for next week's glut of meetings. Town at lunchtime to get present for the child of a friend and do finances etc. Also bought a hat to keep my head warm in winter and see if that stops me getting these long strings of nasty colds etc. Mind you, I look like a cross between a refugee and my coal-mining grandfather, so it's not good for style. If only I knew what style was ...

This evening, did my monthly round of competition entries - just to feel as if I am doing something positive in my writing life. Will have to start on the dreaded "Thorn in the Flesh" edit tomorrow, and am not looking forward to it. Still, the sooner I start, the sooner it's done. How I wish the critique had been nicer. I don't think I'll be using that one again - on deeper thoughts, some of the wretched woman's comments were simply unfair. Perhaps she just doesn't get "crime" - she was okay on my "chick-lit" offering. We live and learn indeed. Next time, I'll try Cornerstones.

And still no word from either my agent or anyone else, concerning any novels at all. Hello? Is anyone out there? Or am I doomed to dwell in this bubble of roller-coaster hope and despair forever? Hmm, probably. Still, it's Wednesday, so sherry night - thank goodness, she cries - sadly!...

Anne Brooke

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