Friday, February 17, 2006

Recovery Day

A morning and early afternoon of doing nothing much, sitting on the sofa and sleeping. Beginning to feel hungry again, which is good. Have decided to find out about Touch for Health and food intolerance testing, to see if it makes a difference - via the Kinesiology website ( If I'm feeling brave, I might even try for an appointment with a local practitioner, Jane Phillips, who's been recommended to me. Have also made a Reflexology appointment for next Thursday morning, so will see how that goes.

Bad news on the second novel front - "A Dangerous Man" - Cavalier Press (a gay press in the US, and, no, I'm darned if I'm bothering with their web address now!...) have turned it down, no reasons given. Should be disappointed, I know, but frankly am too drained to care. So. That leaves Flame Books ( in the UK, and LBF Books ( in the US who have the full MS, and Alma Books ( and Tonto Press ( in the UK, who both have partial MSS. It's all in the laps of the gods. If all four fail, I will go for it myself, either via Goldenford ( - or anyone for the Peperharow Press? I've always liked the name ...

Later this afternoon, I shall take myself to London to see a friend of mine. Both of us aren't too well, so we'll have to prop each other up somehow. Hope to see the Russian photography exhibition at Somerset House, then some food and fairly early home.

No writing done today. No energy.

Anne Brooke

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