Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Sick Day

Up all night last night with this wretched cold/nasty catarrh thing. Would love to get sleep - I'm a great fan normally! - but, whenever I've got this thing, each time I lie down I feel sick. Kept on working my way through Sinutab pills, Lucozade, dull TV and cards. Finally managed to get some sleep on the sofa at about 5am, and then crawled into bed when Lord H was having a bath. Not a great start to the day.

Once up - around 10-ish - I finished off the "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" final read-through, and sent it to the Goldenford directors ( Am pleased it's now complete, but am a little worried about the changes they want done to the cover format and content. I hope Lord H and I can work it out to their satisfaction, but I'm not entirely confident, as everyone seems to have a different view. Too many cooks indeed. Still, we'll see.

John Jarrold ( replied to my "The Gifting" synopsis, saying it was interesting and he'd look at it properly over the weekend. "Interesting" isn't exactly the phrase to bring joy and hope to a writer's heart, especially as I was so enthused about it yesterday, but at least he's not over-the-top and forever telling me how marvellous I am. No. Actually, on second thoughts, I think someone SHOULD tell me how marvellous I am. It would make a nice change. Actually, even Lord H isn't as confident now about my publication changes as he once was. Sadly. It comes to something when friends (still) seem more confident about this than spouses do. Or perhaps they're lying. Heck, they SHOULD lie - what else are friends for? (And spouses). That said, I knew Lord H wasn't one for enthusing unnecessarily when I married him, so I only have myself to blame. As they say. Still, it's hard enough to keep one's own confidence up, without having to battle for that of one's nearest and dearest ...

On the brighter side, have had a couple of positive comments about my story, "Creative Accountancy for Beginners", on the Writewords site ( so that has cheered me up!

Too sick to write, so spent the afternoon watching the DVD of the film version of "Pride and Prejudice". Great stuff, but not as rivetting as "Sense and Sensibility" and the gorgeous Alan Rickman. Mind you, nothing could be really. Apart from, maybe, the film of "Emma", which I also love.

One thing about being up all night; you get a lot of reading done. Have finished Reginald Hill's "The Stranger House". It's fine, but not that impressive. He was good - even very good - at the relationship between the two main characters, but I didn't like the odd way it was "tied up" at the end, and the novel was too packed with needless information dumping (most of which I skipped), and unlikely - very unlikely!! - coincidences and irritating secondary characters. Not one of his best then.

I also started and finished Ed McBain's "The Heckler" - easy enough reading, but not very gripping. I don't think I'll bother with another. Have just started another Harlan Coben now - we'll see how that pans out.

Anne Brooke

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