Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reflexology Day

Posted my writing competition entries, and then had a morning's reflexology session. My first real one, though I have done a mini-session for a friend who was studying it in the past. I found it very interesting - relaxing and exhausting in turn - and tonight my sinuses certainly appear to have improved. I was particularly impressed with the way the physical and emotional factors were combined. Good stuff. I entirely agree with the approach. Depending on finances, I'd like to do it again, perhaps in a month or so, and see how it goes.

Still trying to contact the Touch for Health woman, and have left a message on her ansaphone, but no response as yet. Will try again tomorrow or next week.

Post-reflexology, I felt utterly exhausted (was warned that might be the case!) but decided to get cracking with the "Thorn in the Flesh" edit anyway. Glad I did, as I now feel much better about the changes that need to be made and the things I need to look out for. Have already got a couple of extra scenes in my head that I'd like to include, and have ditched the ones I've decided simply have to go. Still feel shattered though ... My own fault, of course.

Nasty snow here during the day and into the evening - how I hate snow! Paid a quick visit to one of the old ladies from church. She seemed quite well this week, and we caught up on church life and other matters. Didn't stay long, as the snow was coming on strong. Thankfully it's not ice though - yet.

Tonight, am out with a couple of girlfriends down the local pub. Best not be too late though, as we have a civil partnership ceremony to attend tomorrow, and I don't want to be too tired to enjoy it. As Lord H says, at this rate it will definitely be a white wedding!

And talking of Lord H, we have decided that we'll - for once - take the vicar's advice and do something creative for Lent. He's planning to do more photography, and I'm thinking of making at least one cake - something I haven't done for a lifetime. Will have to ask Mother for recipes. Simple ones. That will please her. Think I also might give up coffee and see how that goes. I will have to train myself to like those wretched fruit teas!

Anne Brooke

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