Friday, February 24, 2006

Civil Partnership Ceremony

A day spent celebrating the civil partnership ceremony of some friends of ours. A marvellous occasion - simple and moving. They were kind enough to ask me to read one of the 2 readings - "A soliloquy by Hamlet's cat", which was very funny. And I managed to get it read without stammering over "soliliquy" - something of a relief! The second reading, "An apache's blessing" was also good and very suitable. Afterwards, we had canapes, mulled wine and photographs, followed by a superb seated tea. Very enjoyable indeed. And a very impressive hotel - a Victorian-style take on castle life. And fantastic loos, which always means a place is high on my list! Took loads of photos (of people rather than loos ...), and I'm sure there'll be loads more to look at later too. How very 21st century we are becoming.

Have finished "Strangers" by Taichi Yamada - great stuff. A lighter Murakami, if I dare compare to the master.

Goldenford ( have arranged to meet up with the bookfair people in Farnham next Thursday, to see if we can run a stall at one of their events. I'll go along with Irene and see what the lie of the land is. It'll be a good outlet if everyone's in agreement.

No writing done today - will do more editing tomorrow.

Anne Brooke

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