Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pink Champagne and Apple Juice

A day spent having this wretched cold, and doing a last read-through of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" before I send the final version to the other Goldenford directors ( I think it flows well, though when you've read something so many times it's always impossible to tell anything about it at all. I've only got the last 3 chapters to do now, so will get on with that tomorrow.

Also did a synopsis for "The Gifting" for John Jarrold ( and sent that off to him, but no reply as yet. I was dreading doing it, but actually I found it really helpful and quite inspirational. Am really looking forward to getting on with the novel now, after I've finished with "Pink Champagne."

I can foresee another evening slumped in front of the TV, as I'm really good for nothing else. Lemsips here I come ...

Anne Brooke

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