Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday is Pub Day

A writing day at home today. Typed up the Mozart poem I did last night for a Writers' News competition - - onto the computer and fiddled about with it until I was fairly happy. Will upload it to the Writewords site - - later on for comment. Also made some comments on work showcased on the Bewrite site - - the UK Authors site - - and the Writewords site. It's all give and take after all; if I look for comments and ways to improve my work, then it's only fair to offer that to other people as well. And, besides, it's enjoyable - on the whole!

Worked on "The Gifting" for most of the day, and managed another 2000 words which I was pleased with. I aim to write 2000 words each writing day (1000 in the morning and 1000 in the afternoon) when I can, plus another 1000 words over the weekend if I can manage it.

Lunch was at The Harrow in Compton with Robin, a friend from my old job. Lots of girly catch-up and some great baguette & chips x2. Robin and her husband, Gavin, sing in Guildford Choral Society, and have a performance of Bach's St John Passion in March, so I booked two tickets for Lord H and me. I'd better be well for it this time - as the last 2 times, I've been sick. Darn it. The post-concert do, in whatever form, is always good too.

Have now finished Philip Yancey's "Disappointment with God". I thought it was clear and helpful, and maybe I won't be quite so stressed with the bad things that happen next time they all fall on my head again. Or maybe not. Still, it helped a little. But, being me, I should imagine my next religious read will be in 10 or so years' time. Once that day arrives, I wouldn't mind another Yancey though. He's not an evangelical, thank the Lord (sorry!). Just an ordinary bloke trying to make some kind of path through the nonsense of it all. Like us all indeed.

Anne Brooke

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