Monday, February 13, 2006

Goldenford Publishers Day

A day at work for trucking along, typing up minutes. I am indeed the Minute Maid of Surrey. The conveyor belt was broken up by a brief informal Heads of Teams meeting at midday - fun to be at and no minute taking needed. Oh joy! Biscuits too. At lunchtime, visited the campus art gallery, which is now showcasing art from staff members - there's some great stuff. You never know what people are doing outside the office. And wonderful to see so much talent.

This evening, we had a meeting of Goldenford Publishers ( to thrash out more marketing for our current two books, and to plan mine, which is due in the summer - "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice". A lot to think of, but it's beginning to seem real now. It might even be available by June, which would be nice. A birthday treat indeed. Will give it one more read through, before sending the final version to the gang.

Cold better today, thank goodness.

Anne Brooke

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