Sunday, February 12, 2006

Third before Lent

8am church today. Most definitely not in the mood for any of it, especially with my cold developing nicely. Although "nicely" is not the word. Half-dozed my way through the service and got out as quickly as I could afterwards, whilst managing to talk to the least number of people possible. Am beginning to think that actually no-one gives a damn how things are, just as long as I perform the minimal Sacristan duties, and the water and the wine are in the right place at the right time. I vaguely caught the drift of the mini-sermon, which was telling us how much God loves us. Baloney, say I. It doesn't feel like that right now.

Lord H was serving (ie leading the first half of the service, and helping out at the altar) at the 11am Family Service (something I always try to avoid on the grounds that (a) they don't need me as it's not Communion, and (b) I hate families), so I took the opportunity to bash out another 1000 words of "The Gifting", taking me to c11,000 so far. Day not a complete waste of time then!

Tried a post-lunch nap, but no good due to nasty cold thing. Hope to get at least some sleep tonight. The miserable, rainy day today is most certainly echoing my mood! Still, at least it's "Star Trek" and "Invasion" later on, so there's something to look forward to ...

Had a rather harsh and long comment from one of the site experts on the Writewords site ( on my short story, "A Question of Trust" - just the sort of news I didn't want or need today. I've tried my best to correct the points she raised, but I do think she could certainly have phrased it better. I like to think that I would do, when commenting on other people's work. After all, you never know how someone is feeling underneath and sometimes this sort of thing just feels like another nail in the coffin of what I want to do most.

Still, here is today's haiku: a response to my trip yesterday to see The Queen's Gallery and Rolf's painting. I am obviously an artistic klutz:

I'm sorry to say
Canaletto's Venice was dull,
but I loved Rolf's Queen.

Anne Brooke

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