Sunday, February 19, 2006

Second before Lent

Church not so bad today - people were nice, and the hymns were a good choice. Sermon okay too - all about stewardship and creativity. We should apparently not be giving anything up for Lent this year, but instead doing something more creative. That suits me fine.

Finished reading the latest issue of Envoi magazine - some top-notch poetry in it (including ... err ... mine!). Was particularly impressed with Jonathan Attrill, James W Wood, John Lindley and Alice Beer - poetry that grabs you in the gut and twists it. That's what I like, and that's what they have provided.

In terms of health, am well on the way to recovery now - thank goodness! Even did some morning exercise today for the first time since Wednesday. And caught up (Protestant guilt) with my Bible reading notes. Which may go to show just how facile they really are, of course.

Still, there's "Star Trek" and "Invasion" to look forward to tonight. One has to have something to prepare for the hell that is Monday.

And this week's haiku is:

Salt and pepper pots
on the table: dragon scales
crossing murky seas.

Anne Brooke

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