Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tea at 3 at Fortnum's

Day in London today. Took Lord H to see the changing of the guard, and also to visit the Queen's Gallery to see the Rolf Harris portrait of the Queen, Canaletto in Venice, and the rest of the gallery. Loved Rolf's Queen portrait, but thought the Canaletto was dull. Seen one, seen them all, in my opinion. Enjoyed the rest of the rooms far more - some gorgeous portraits, including a Memling and a Vermeer, and the amazing jewellery of course.

Afterwards, met up with friends for tea at Fortnum's. Great room and great company, but I was rather disappointed with the tea - I was expecting more and larger for my money. But the others seemed to enjoy it, which was good. Nice to meet up with the gang, and then still have the evening free. Wonderful!

That said, I think I'm coming down with a cold, so will dowse myself with Lemsip and hope for the best.

No writing done today. And sadly I am beginning to hate going round bookshops (we dived into 2 - Hatchards & Waterstone's, both in Piccadilly) - all those lucky, lucky people, and none of them me. Once again, very depressing.

But all is not lost - tonight is that glorious tosh, "Sea of Souls", and with the added attraction of Paul McGann - who, I have to say, is exactly the picture I have for Paul Maloney in "Maloney's Law". Visualisation is all!

Anne Brooke

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