Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

Rather a dull day at work. Did lots of marketing stuff, and tried to think strategically. Goodness, how exhausting that can be. Achieved something by setting up a meeting to look at new leaflet production next week - I am indeed the PR Whizzkid of Surrey - not. Lord H sent some lovely flowers in glorious shades of red, which made me feel very dramatic and continental. Somehow. Would that the weather echoed the feeling.

Cold is becoming rather worse, I fear, so an evening in front of the TV watching an old "Foyle" episode on DVD called me. Pink champagne and a Chinese takeaway beforehand made our evening. And, joy of joys, my new bedsocks turned up - hurrah! The winter evenings here simply fly by ...

Had an email from John Jarrold, my agent (http://www.sff.net/people/john-jarrold/about.html), saying he liked the start of "The Gifting" and could I please send him a synopsis. Horrors! I only ever do synopses when I've finished a novel, as I never have any idea at all what's going to happen when I'm writing it. I find that's the best way to keep the tension levels up - for me and any future (very distant future) reader. Still, have a day's holiday tomorrow, so will work on it then.

Several Goldenford emails tonight (http://www.goldenford.co.uk) about the "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" cover, and changes which need to be made to it. Am hoping that Lord H can help out once more as I'm a Photoshop Klutz and he is a genius - and has done all the slog in getting it this far anyway.

Anne Brooke

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