Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pilates and another rejection

Trucked through today quite nicely, all in all, at least on the UniS front. Attended my first (drop-in) Pilates class - was expecting it to be relaxing, but in fact I had to do an awful lot of concentration, presumably as I'm new. And, my goodness, I ached everywhere afterwards! Which no doubt means it's good for me - I'll definitely go again. And maybe even start a class in the autumn if the timings are right. I felt better about my inadequacy after the class when some of the more experienced attenders were saying the tutor (she was new for the summer, apparently) did fewer exercises than usual, but made them hold positions for longer - and so everyone found it hard. Phew! I'm not a complete couch-potato then ...

Spent the afternoon researching into the problems experienced by young people who come to university from a care situation - it certainly opened my eyes to how lucky I've been. Some of them have had to overcome horrendous backgrounds just in order to be able to get to Higher Education, let alone hanging on in there for three years. It's something we'll have to think about in Student Care Services in the future, in terms of what kind of extra support we might be able to provide.

Back home, there's been another rejection of "Maloney's Law" - this time from the Bantam/Corgi/Transworld conglomeration. Damn it. Still, it's a lovely rejection, calling it an "intelligent thriller" and "really well written". But they thought there was too much emphasis on the sex. Sigh. And John (http://www.sff.net/people/john-jarrold/about.html) says he should be able to provide his opinion on "Thorn in the Flesh" by next week. I'm dreading it - it's like handing work in for school! - but hope there won't be too many drastic changes to make, especially as I've got the edit of "A Dangerous Man" to look at over the summer too.

Still, was cheered by the positive comment received about my poem, "Sundays", on the Writewords (http://www.writewords.org.uk) site. A much-needed happy moment.

Tonight, I'm going to chill. Hell, I deserve it.

Today's three nice things:

1. Pilates
2. The poem comment from Writewords
3. The nun at the University bus-stop today! - what was she fleeing from, I ask, and to where?...

Anne Brooke


Hippy Writer said...

A nun at a bus stop. That sounds like the opening for a joke...

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee!