Friday, August 04, 2006

Back massage and writing

Started my day with a wonderful back massage. Only half an hour but it really relaxed me - for a few hours afterwards at least. I think I'm going to look into La Stone therapy - as that's supposed to be really good too. Goodness me, I'm becoming Ms Wellbeing 2006.

Spent the rest of the day struggling with "The Gifting" and eventually - towards the very end of my afternoon! - managed to get my 2000 words out. Stopped in the middle of a crisis scene too so I'll know where it's going when I pick it up again. Which means, folks, that I'm finally at the 50,000 words mark - hurrah! And still three more major sections of the novel to go. Reckon I might - if the wind's in the right direction - be able to get over 100,000 words on this one. Maybe more! Here's hoping anyway ...

Had a lovely email from someone on the Writewords ( and You Write On ( sites saying how shocked they were at the nasty review of "Maloney's Law" I received yesterday, describing it as "unfair" and "rabid". They also said more people enjoyed "M's L" than didn't, and queried whether the reviewer had even read the chapters. Huge thanks, Julie - you have no idea how much your email means to me! Thank you again.

And good news on the community front! The Watts Gallery in Compton has won the regional round of "Restoration Village" (BBC), which can be seen on BBC2 at 9pm tonight - so we're through to the finals in September. Double hurrah! WG is a very worthy cause and it would be a tragedy if the roof couldn't be mended due to lack of funds - it's a priceless jewel in the area's crown. To my mind anyway.

Treated myself to a shopping session in Godalming - mainly wellbeing stuff - but also bought a lovely pair of mother-of-pearl pink and white earrings at Sans Frontieres jewellers. It's the best shop in Godalming, alongside Ottakar's of course. And so reasonably priced! Heck, a girl has to splash out sometimes.

Ooh, and there's a front-page spread about Goldenford and us three Goldenford authors in the "Guildford Times" today, which Irene has kindly scanned and emailed to me. Fame and glory indeed! With a bit of luck, it might even be in the Surrey Advertiser next week. You never can tell ...

Today's three nice things:

1. Julie's email about "Maloney's Law"
2. The back massage
3. The news about Watts Gallery.

Anne Brooke

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