Monday, August 28, 2006

Bank Holiday

Thank goodness for another day off. Which meant that neither Lord H nor I got that horrible "Oh God it's Sunday night and tomorrow is work" feeling last night. No doubt we'll get it tonight instead, but we're hoping that the bottle of pink champagne (appropriate, eh?!) in the fridge will ease the pain.

Another lazy lie-in this morning, followed by a quick food shop in Waitrose. It was nice to do this with Lord H, as normally we take it in weekly turns to do the dreaded domestic shop - goodness, we were almost couply (coupley?) there! Shock, horror indeed. This afternoon, we've been watching the celebrity golf - which is great, as it's golf by normal people like us, so not many fantastic shots in there - warms the heart and makes our own golf feel rather less ropey. I followed this with a quick nap, and am planning a lazy evening ahead. TV has let us down with bank holiday evening viewing though - where's the nice film or cosy detective, I ask? Conspicuous by their absence, both. Shame on you, TV producers ... Still, I might watch the Dan Cruickshank programme on Betjeman. Can't stand Betjeman, but Cruickshank is cute ... And at least it will be about the buildings he loved, not the poetry.

Have just finished reading Philippa Gregory's "Earthly Joys". Marvellous, marvellous, marvellous. Though maybe rather too much on gardens for me. Loved the main character, John, and his relationship with Buckingham - great stuff. Might have liked more from Buckingham's point of view though - now there was a character and a half! The book also had the perfect ending for itself (rare, these days ...) - poignant and also hopeful. Loved it.

Today's three nice things:

1. Not being at work
2. Celebrity golf
3. Reading a good book - at last!

Anne Brooke

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