Saturday, August 12, 2006

Betrothal in a Monastery

Lazy lie-in this morning, which I am paying for in the mad amount which has to be done before Lord H and I set off to Glyndebourne to see "Betrothal in a Monastery" this afternoon. We've decided on the afternoon tea option, so I'm planning a fairly substantial lunch. Actually feel rather edgy and down today, as well as exhausted - must be something to do with having to pop into church today to prepare for tomorrow's service and sort candles and altar cloths out. God, how I hate doing this stuff right now. It will be lovely not to have to do church for a while - I really hope they sort this sacristan replacement scheme out soon.

Still, the good news is that Lord H has got himself onto the Diocesan theology (diploma to degree level) course, and is the first student to go through on the non-vocational route - pioneering a path for those people who like the theology but not the commitment. Seems fair enough to me - the whole priest/lay leadership system is rubbish anyway, and they get paid peanuts - so why bother? I sometimes wonder what happened to the "labourer is worthy of his hire" approach ... Anyway, Lord H is pleased - as am I - and has rushed off to the Cathedral to look at books he might need.

And, this afternoon, Glyndebourne and tea - lovely.

Today's three nice things:

1. Lord H getting on the theology course
2. Glyndebourne
3. A decent tea.

Anne Brooke

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